Monday, June 1, 2009

Pure Catskills Member Profile: Allison Jones of Applegarth

Allison Jones of Applegarth Farms
Maryland, NY
A great livestock farm in Otsego County!

How did you get started in farming?
By deciding to reject factory-raised meats. If I was going to continue eating meat, I wanted to know that it had been humanely raised. I started with chickens and pigs and my business grew slowly as my demand grew.

Tell us some about your growing practices.
At Applegarth, we keep our numbers small so that our management leads to humane and safe treatment of our livestock. It is important to me to know each animal individually. Animals are pasture-based with hay in winter and grain during pregnancies and while nursing. Of course, hogs and chicken get grains. Animals stay healthy through herbal remedies and natural treatments.

What is a favorite local product of yours?
Local maple syrup and honey are popular around our house!

What is the most important reason to buy locally?
Accountability. That’s the one-word answer! Know your producer. All of our customers are invited to see our operation and the growing conditions here.

What is something you’d like to see develop to support agriculture in the Catskills?
More consumer education— it is the most vital piece for farmers. People need to better understand that food is seasonal and that it will lead to natural variations throughout
the year.

Poultry, eggs, lamb, goat, beef and pork from Applegarth are available on the farm and at the Green Earth in Oneonta. Feeder pigs and horse boarding services are also available. Contact Allison at or (607) 638-5784.