Thursday, January 28, 2010

Farm to Fork Dinner at Cafe Devine

Save the date for a great looking winter meal at the Cafe Devine in Callicoon.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Catskill Regional Conference a sold out success!

A huge thanks to the over 125 farmers, educators and residents who came out for the Catskill Regional Dairy and Livestock Conference last week. We were thrilled to see the amount of interest in our workshops on the dairy industry, livestock processing and renewable energy. Get more details in the coverage by the Daily Star.

Tom Recinella of the SUNY-Delhi Culinary Program speaks in the Livestock Track.

Barb Hanselman of Del-Rose Farm gave a moving lunchtime keynote address.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Michael Pollan dines on Catskills foods in NYC

Grub Street has posted a New York Diet from Micheal Pollan's week promoting his new book in New York. We're pleased to see he's a fan of the Catskills! He name drops Murray's Chicken, Snowdance Farm, Violet Hill Farm and dines at Bubby's - a committed buyer from Slope Farms.

Here are a couple highlights:

"Dinner, I had a book event downtown at Barnes & Noble and afterward we went to Bubby's. I had a salad and pulled barbeque pork butt. The reason I had that was I had met the owner earlier in the day and I’d learned a lot about how he sources his meat; I know he's getting really good pork from small farms who are growing it sustainably, Snowdance Farm. Normally I don't have meat in restaurants unless I know that kind of information. The pork was excellent. It had been very slow cooked, eighteen hours or something, over applewood."

"If I lived in New York I'd probably not eat very much chicken and what I did eat I'd probably get at the farmers' market. If I recall, there was a terrific producer at the Union Square Farmers' Market, Violet Hill; I remember having one of his chickens once and being kind of blown away. You don't get all this right every time you eat."

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Passing the farm on the next generation

Today's Daily Star features an article on an exciting happening for our region - a new dairy farm! It's a great story on a partnership formed between a young couple and retired farmer.