Friday, October 30, 2009

Beef Marketing Tour, December 4th

Join us for an outing to three beef farms in the Hudson Valley. Each farm is located in Columbia County and each takes their own spin on marketing. We’ll learn about direct sales to customers on the farm and at the farmer’s market, restaurant and retail sales and cattle sales. Meet up locations include Delhi, Stamford and Windham. A Liberty meet up location will also be arranged if there is sufficient interest.

We will start out the day at Sir William Angus in Craryville. The farm is operated by Justin and Bruce Conover. The Conovers raise registered Angus and hogs and sell their products on the farm as well as to restaurant and retail buyers. Registered cattle are also available for sale. Next, we will visit Trowbridge Angus in Ghent. Operated by Phil Trowbridge and family, this farm is known for their cattle sales throughout the region. Finally, we’ll stop at Grazin’ Angus Acres just up the road in Ghent. Dan Gibson grass feeds and finishes his cattle and sells at farmer’s markets, on the farm and to buyers.

The registration fee for the day’s transportation and lunch is $15.

Please contact Leslie Deysenroth at or (607) 865-7017 to register.

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