Monday, January 11, 2010

Michael Pollan dines on Catskills foods in NYC

Grub Street has posted a New York Diet from Micheal Pollan's week promoting his new book in New York. We're pleased to see he's a fan of the Catskills! He name drops Murray's Chicken, Snowdance Farm, Violet Hill Farm and dines at Bubby's - a committed buyer from Slope Farms.

Here are a couple highlights:

"Dinner, I had a book event downtown at Barnes & Noble and afterward we went to Bubby's. I had a salad and pulled barbeque pork butt. The reason I had that was I had met the owner earlier in the day and I’d learned a lot about how he sources his meat; I know he's getting really good pork from small farms who are growing it sustainably, Snowdance Farm. Normally I don't have meat in restaurants unless I know that kind of information. The pork was excellent. It had been very slow cooked, eighteen hours or something, over applewood."

"If I lived in New York I'd probably not eat very much chicken and what I did eat I'd probably get at the farmers' market. If I recall, there was a terrific producer at the Union Square Farmers' Market, Violet Hill; I remember having one of his chickens once and being kind of blown away. You don't get all this right every time you eat."

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