Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Catskill region food blogs

Follow the seasons with recipes tailored to our region’s harvest. Catskill food blogs will inspire you with recipes developed by local farmers and chefs.

Our region's bloggers aren't just blessed with great cooking and writing skills - they're also great photographers. So we'll let their images speak for themselves!

Peach Johnnycake from Cheryl Paff.

Farmers' Market Manager, Cheryl Paff features creative, seasonal recipes inspired from her finds at the farmers' market each week.

Kid goats in orbit at Stone & Thistle Farm.

Denise Warren of Stone & Thistle Farm writes about sharing great organic food through farming, cooking, selling and serving.

Cumin-crusted grassfed steak from Ulla Kjarval.

Ulla Kjarval of Spring Lake Farm specializes in recipes for grass-fed meats grown by her family and neighbors.

Ramp compound butter from Catie Baumer Schwalb.

Chef Catie Baumer Schwalb offers up a diverse mix of recipes along with professional tips for the home cook.

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