Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sharing the Local Food Message Through Technology

Art of Listening infographic
Art of Listening:
Technology is transforming local economies and markets around the world by helping people communicate, connect and transact. Online technology is making it easier for both producers and consumers to share their stories and connect. 

On March 24, join us for a panel discussion on the latest technology for farmers both to use on the farm and to connect with their consumers. As this session introduces attendees to tools, techniques and trends to build an online presence, we'll post those resources here after the 4th Annual Farm to Market Connection. Tara Collins,  Communications Director at the Watershed Agricultural Council, moderates the expert panel including:

- Marjorie McCord, Marketing and Social Media Consultant
- Julia Reischel, Watershed Post
- Mel Weiss, Stone Barns Center, Virtual Grange

Remember, connecting with your audience revolves around content, authenticity and consistency. Share yourself with your consumers, supporters and members, be a thought leader and source of information, and keep the conversation going!

Farmer Resources (Northeast Beginner Farmers Project from Cornell Small Farms Program)

Digital-Content-Marketing-Wheel from
Building a website (free)  EXAMPLE:

Building a Blog/website (free)  EXAMPLE:  Pure Catskills (free) EXAMPLE:

Email newsletters (free) (fee)

Social Media (free) (free) (free) (free)  EXAMPLE:  Water & Land  EXAMPLE: Introduction to Catskills FarmLink  EXAMPLE: Watershed Agricultural Council

Mobile Apps: (this can be its own future blog post)

Trainings & Other Resources:
Smartphones for Farmers April 5
Down & Dirty Marketing Plan (Green Otter Marketing)

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